Letter to Council re: Restricting Sheltering in Cridge Park

Posted on April 5th, 2016 · Posted in Letters

Mayor and Council
City of Victoria
No.1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC
V8W 1P6

March 30, 2016

Re: Restricting Sheltering in Cridge Park

Dear Mayor and Council,

The Victoria Downtown Residents’ Association (DRA) appreciates, and fully supports the City’s efforts to
provide housing and support services to meet the needs of our local homeless population. We realize that
the lack of housing is a genuine crisis in need of immediate action.

The DRA has considered the proposed by-law amendment which would restrict overnight sheltering by
the homeless in a number of small City parks. Cridge Park, located in our downtown neighbourhood, is
one of the parks under consideration for the by-law change.

In warmer weather, residents who live in close proximity to Cridge Park are often negatively impacted by
late-night noise from those sheltering overnight in the park, and some park users have expressed
concern that the park is not a safe environment for children and pets due to discarded needles, human
waste and other debris. In recent weeks however, with many of the homeless sheltering elsewhere, there
has been a marked decrease in overnight sheltering in Cridge Park. Consequently, the local daycare has
resumed using the park on a daily basis, and local residents are again frequenting the park with their
children and their dogs.

The DRA believes that restricting overnight sheltering in Cridge Park is an appropriate and justifiable step
to address concerns about Cridge Park, and other small parks in the City.

Nicholas Harrington
Kaela Schramm
Downtown Residents Association