February Roving Refinery: Interactivity Board Game Cafe

Posted on February 2nd, 2014 · Posted in Roving Refinery

The February Roving Refinery event will be at Interactivity Board Game Cafe on Monday, 17 February, at 5:30 pm.

Interactivity Board Game Cafe occupies a spacious shop on the ground floor at 723 Yates.  Their business is based on board games, with some 500 available to play and just as many for sale.  Check out their website for details:  http://www.ibgcafe.com

 It costs $5 to play and you can play as long as they are open and try as many different games as you like!  For those who are new at gaming, or who haven’t played for years (since the kids grew up), the staff is happy to provide guidance.  Hours are long, from 11 am to midnight on Sunday through Thursday and to 1 am on Friday and Saturday.

While some of the old classics like Monopoly and Clue are available, they favour more modern, interactive and creative games like Settlers of Catan, the world’s best selling game today.  The rooms are well lit and attractive, and at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon, there were quite a few tables of players obviously having fun.

DRA will pay the games fee for all members who come to the event.  You can play whatever games you like as often as you like.  Our event starts at 5:30, and you can stay and play as late as the midnight closing.
Interactivity Board Games will provide a $5 drink certificate to each participant, and you may buy whatever food you desire.
There will be no draw for gift certificates as DRA will be paying the entry fees.  Please bring a warm pair of socks or gloves or cash to donate to Our Place.  This looks like it should be a lot of fun.