Recap: Roving Refinery at Interactivity Board Game Cafe

Posted on March 3rd, 2014 · Posted in Roving Refinery

Our most recent Roving Refinery was held on January 17, 2014 at the Interactivity Board Game Cafe, at 723 Yates Street, which is owned by Jack Pinder and Bill Heaton. Jack was our host for the evening and he gave us the background on the business. Formerly located on Fort Street, the Interactivity Board Game Cafe has actually been around since the 90s. While there are games to buy, there is a huge stock of games available to play, which, in fact are part of Jack’s personal collection, which he has generously decided to share with Victoria.

While the Interactivity Board Game Cafe was initially denied a liquor license, they have found this to be a positive for the business. Patrons of the Interactivity Board Game Cafe come to enjoy an alcohol free atmosphere, and their homemade milkshakes are totally worth it! 

Even though Monday, January 17th was a blustery, rainy day, the atmosphere upon arriving at the Interactivity Board Game Cafe was warm and inviting. Walking into the Cafe, we were greeted the sounds of group cheers and the clattering of game pieces from the back. There were 7 in our party: Don, Kaela, Susan, Hannah, Cathy, Ian and Wendy. We chose a seat at Carcassonne, one of the aptly named tables for larger parties, and tried our hands at Apples to Apples. The object of the game is to win the most rounds by playing a red apple card (which generally features a noun) in one’s hand to best match the communal green apple card of the round (which contains an adjective) as voted by that round’s judging player. Hannah, a frequent visitor of the Cafe, ran away with the game, winning by 3 cards!


Next, we attempted to play Urban Myth, but ended up making our own rules. The challenge of Urban Myth is to differentiate between fact and fiction, and had all of us fooled more than once. Cathy was no fool, though and won this game handily.

We collected 2 pairs of socks, a pair of Olympic mittens and $20 to be donated to Our Place.