CALUC Letters re Rezoning for 1124 Vancouver, 941 View and 953 View Streets

Posted on January 25th, 2020 · Posted in Land Use, Letters, News

J. Gordon Enterprises is proposing to construct a 154-unit, 6-storey residential building on this property. CALUC meetings were held on August 28 and November 6, 2019. A number of concerns were raised at both meeting and are summarized in the attached CALUC letters. 

After two CALUC meetings, a number of substantial issues and concerns remain unresolved and the information provided to the public has been incomplete and in some cases incorrect. The need for a third CALUC meeting was raised.

The DRA LUC hopes that the City will ensure that the applicant will provide the necessary answers and bring clear, comprehensive and accurate information to the community at a future CALUC meeting. In the meantime, the DRA LUC will postpone any additional CALUC meetings for this project until after the applicant takes the proposal to the Advisory Design Panel meeting and revised plans are submitted to the City for consideration.

Click here to read the CALUC Letters submitted to Mayor and Council.