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Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee (LUC) participates in the Public Consultation Process as developed by the City of Victoria for Developers and Community Associations. Responsibilities of the LUC include: acting as a liaison between multiple stakeholders with divergent opinions and positions through direct dialogue and Public Meetings regarding various Downtown projects; engage in meaningful, productive dialogue with residents, developers, City of Victoria Planners, architects and City Council.

Urban Ecology/Urban Agriculture Committee

The Urban Ecology/Urban Agriculture Committee works to make nature an important part of improving our quality of life and the health of the greater natural ecosystems in which Victoria is found. Responsibilities of the Urban Ecology/Urban Agriculture Committee include: developing and promoting programs aiming to increase awareness of the importance of nature in the city, as well as ways to better integrate natural and developed spaces into the urban fabric. This committee is not currently active.

Urban Livability Committee

Formerly known as the Healthy Living Committee, this group promotes livability in the downtown community and deals with issues such as safety, cleanliness, graffiti and social issues. Responsibilities of the committee include building community partnerships, participating in constructive dialogues with relevant stakeholders, and promoting and acting on initiatives that support livability in downtown Victoria.

Community Development Committee

Responsibilities of the Community Development Committee include developing, organising, and promoting periodic events in the downtown area for people from all communities in the Greater Victoria Area. The Community Development Committee organizes the popular ‘Victoria Matters’ series as well as the ‘Roving Refinery’ social events that encourage interaction between Downtown-Harris Green residents and merchants.